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A flop or a financial opportunity? ? ?

Far from being the triumphant entrance into stock market history, Uber’s IPO become the worst performing in history. And still, you can make it work
for you ? ? ?

When they announced they would be going public, rideshare giants Uber were aiming at something great. As usual. Still, their New York stock Exchange debut on May 9th 2019 was nothing short of a flop. A historical flop at that - one of the worst performing IPOs ever.

source: tradingview.com (May 9th 2019)
Within mere hours of their debut, Uber’s shares were already decreasing in value and instead of the ususal “this is how much money you would have made if you invested $1000 in Uber”, articles read “this is how much money you would have thrown away if you invested $1000 in Uber”.
As CNN and Vanity Fair justly noted, “No other company has been as well known, raised as much money, shown as much promise, and then performed so poorly out of the gate. Uber, which was once valued by private investors at as much as $120 billion, is currently worth about half that.”
Different factors are blamed - from Trump’s trade war with China to the considerably worsened public image of Uber. However, this historic flop could very well be due to a combiantion of factors and still... things are not looking great for Uber shares, this summer at least.
Which doesn’t mean one cannot use the current situation to ones’ advantage. Experienced traders know how to take advantage of a sitatuation when the value of certain shares is going up and when it’s gioing down - so many will now use the chance to invest in Uber CFDs when they’re more affordable. And wait for better times for this company. And better times are coming, analyst Morgharabi says.
“A number of factors will lead to wider margin expansion and Uber will become profitable by 2024,” Mogharabi says.
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