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  • A journey with no end Brexit struggles continue….

A journey with no end Brexit struggles continue….

About three years ago, after 43 years of being a part of the European Union, the UK decided to officially leave, an event that has been labelled “Brexit” by the global media. On June 23, 2016, a referendum was held in the UK, which allowed citizens to vote on whether the country would stay within the EU or separate the trade union and be fully independent.

Many were waiting for the final decision to be made, which didn’t not come to this date. Brexit has been the primary focus since the UK voted to leave the EU and this has now intensified since March 2019.

What will be the outcome? That’s still open to debate. However, the impact of no-deal Brexit on EUR/GBP is already clear.

british pound brexit
source: tradingview.com

The GBP/EUR pair will continue to be sensitive to news relating to Brexit, but what might be the outcome?

Let’s take a look at possible scenarios:

A no-deal Brexit

The no-deal Brexit will result in instant decline of GBP/EUR, as the GBP is sold off heavily. Although, still a rumour, it’s a scenario to be aware of as a possibility.

Brexit with a deal

A Brexit deal would lead to strengthening the GBP/EUR, as the GBP will probably be bought on relief that a no-deal Brexit has been avoided.

Brexit is postponed

This scenario again will see GBP/EUR strengthening with the GBP being bought on the relief that a no-deal Brexit has been temporarily avoided.

Unfortunately, we at TradeApp don’t know what the outcome will be. But we do know that you can take advantage of GBP/EUR price movements and possibly make profits.

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