King Twitter, Queen Kylie

Currencies, celebrities and controversy.
The game is on!

We’ve seen it played so many times – a single tweet from US president Donald Trump would stir all sorts of rumors, rock the stock markets or even lead to a full-on political crisis. But, for better or worse, Trump is head of state, representing one of the leading world countries. So, the power of his tweets is by no means surprising.

But would one put him and the Kardashian-Jenner family in the same league when it comes to critical Twitter influence? Not quite but the Kardashians and Jenners out there are getting close.

Especially Kylie Jenner. A social media sweetheart, beauty empress (her Kylie Cosmetics is currently valued at $900 million) and youngest self-made billionaire to ever live, Kylie certainly has a lot going for a 21-year old. And, boy, does she have an effect on Twitter! While her 26,5 followers put her well out of the top 50 list, a lot of her tweets have another story to tell.

Annoyed at Snapchat’s new design, she slammed the app in a short February 22 2018 post. And singlehandedly wiped $1.7 billion off Snap’s market cap, leading to Snap shares’ worst week since November 2017.

However, other brands have only benefitted from the young celebrity’s online remarks. After her September 2018 tweet about having cereal with milk for the first time ever, General Mills (GIS) stock was ticking high. +0.32% high. Having in mind just how doubtful Kylie’s statement was (who eats cereal without milk?), speculations arose that she just might have had a sort of arrangement with General Mills. Although that would have been even more surprising as the brand isn’t really associated with millennial culture.

Bottom line being, celebrities are having a bigger and more notable impact both on stock markets and on social media, with even their most hilarious statements costing companies millions. Or bringing a surprising sum of money to unsuspecting brands.

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