Music To Trade To ? ? ?

These days, we barely go about anything without an appropriate soundtrack. Working out, writing, cooking, having sex – we have our favorite sounds for the occasion. And music fits perfectly to online trading.


After all, music and online trading just might go hand in hand – apart from having a bunch of Spotify playlists on, with our Tradeapp, now you can trade Spotify CFD shares.

Put your headphones on! ? ?

Check out these trader music profiles - you just might fit into one of them. Or all of them, depending on the time of day/month.

The “Money Classics” Trader?

When dealing with money, this trader goes straight for “the money classics”. These songs are usually upbeat, catchy as hell and thus help put the trader in the right state of mind. Think ABBA’s Money, Money, Money. Or any track off of 50 Cent’s Get Rich Or Die Tryin’. Or Rick Ross’ Money Dance – a proper banger too. But in that sense, there’s hardly a more classic track than Pink Floyd’s Money.

The “Concentration Is Crucial” Trader

Trader When the trader wants to get the mind locked on online trading, the trader goes for something less intrusive. And less emotional. That’s where ambient music comes in. Long (think 15+ minutes) brooding tracks, loaded on atmosphere and often rhythm-free, ambient pieces might improve concentration.

Robert Rich does the trick, vidna obmana – too. And when the trader is starting a long day of trading, the “Concentration Is Crucial” trader opts for raison d'être or Basinski’s monstrously long The Disintegration Loops.

The “In For The Kill” Trader

The “In For The Kill” Trader These types of aggressive traders want to trade fast. And furious. ? To set their mind for the task, they go for the American Psycho soundtrack. What else, after all?

Katrina & The Waves’ Walking On Sunshine or even better - Huey Lewis And The News’ Hip To Be Square.

Trading is risky, you may lose all your capital