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Valentine’s Special: The hottest currency couples ?

Currencies have it all: relationship, drama, passion, ups and downs... What are the hottest currency pairs with the highest volatility in their relationsip? You will be surprised! ?

Euro - US Dollar

This is the classic couple: EUR-USD. Like in any love story, you can see the relationship forward - as well as the daily ups and downs. These are “love spots“ of investors, since CFD traders can take advantage from both ups and downs.

British Pound - US Dollar

This couple (GBP-USD) goes back a few generations... As you can see in the rate exchange chart, the last 6 months were a bit rocky for this pair;)

Euro – British Pound

The Brexit process and its dramatic peaks are clearly reflected in the EUR-GBP rates. The near future could bring even more changes as the UK and the EU try to re-establish their relationship.)

New Zealand Dollar – US Dollar

Who says long-distance relationships are boring and don’t work? New Zealand and the US are far away from each other - but can still be very attractive for investors.)

Australian Dollar – US Dollar

Something happened around New Year’s Eve that put a real spark in the AUD-USD relationship. Did they kiss? 🙂 Whatever the reason – things are back on the mend again after a steep decline.

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