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  • This is a man’s world… or maybe not anymore
    Women could make better CEOs

This is a man’s world… or maybe not anymore
Women could make better CEOs

A recent study reveals that companies with women in top management roles are more profitable.

Men may still be viewed as default business leaders, affirming the “think manager, think male” mind-set, but a new study has raised the question on whether men are actually the better leaders.


We, at TradeApp like to prove statements, so let’s get facts:

S&P 500 businesses now run by women generated a median total shareholder return of 18.4% in 2016, compared with 15.7% for those commanded by men. Returns at female-led firms outperformed male-run companies in three of the previous five years.

source: www.vault.com

Female chief executives at some of the largest U.S. companies repeatedly outearn their male counterparts. Last year, 21 female CEOs received a median compensation package of $13.8 million, compared with the $11.6 million median for 382 male chiefs, according to a Wall Street Journal analysis of S&P 500 leaders who held the job a full year.

Now we can add to the list the new CEO of Fortune 500: Julie Sweet. Accenture has named Julie Sweet as its next CEO, adding to the few woman who run major companies. She's currently the head of Accenture's North America business, which accounts for almost 50% of the company's global revenues.

source: edition.cnn.com

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